K9 Unit

Sergeant Chris Romanowicz/K9 Gucci

K9 Gucci
Sergeant Chris Romanowick/K9 Gucci

Sergeant Chris Romanowicz graduated from Fox Valley Technical College in 2003 with an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. He worked one year for the Lake Delton Police Department prior to being hired with the City of Oshkosh in April 2005. Chris and K9 Gucci teamed up together in 2011 where they have been working 3rd shift. Chris is also a Certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).

K9 Gucci Highlights:

  • Apprehension of 2 home invasion suspects; one on presence and one K9 apprehension
  • Over 450 pieces of drug paraphernalia seized
  • 38 grams of Heroin seized
  • Assisted in several school sniffs helping to keep Oshkosh Area Schools drug free