Annual Statistics

Citizen Complaints

Twelve (12) formal Citizen Complaints / Internal Affairs Investigations were conducted in 2017. Nine (9) were Citizen Complaints and three (3) were Internal Affairs Investigations. One (1) officer was named in each of the Citizen Complaints. Each Citizen Complaint named a different officer. The three (3) Internal Affairs Investigations named four (4) different officers. The twelve (12) total investigations resulted in the following findings:

Sustained 3
Unfounded 4
Not Sustained 3
Exonerated 2

Sustained = The allegation is supported by sufficient proof.
Unfounded = The allegation is false or otherwise not based on valid facts.
Not Sustained = The evidence is not sufficient to prove or disprove the allegation.
Exonerated = The incident that occurred or was complained against was lawful and proper.

The three (3) investigations which resulted in a Sustained finding in 2017 led to formal discipline issued to the involved employees. One (1) resulted in a three (3) day unpaid suspension for the involved employee. The other two (2) Sustained investigations resulted in three (3) employees being issued written reprimands. The other nine (9) investigations resulted in a finding of Unfounded, Not Sustained or Exonerated.

Race of Complainants:

A review of the nine (9) Citizen Complaints indicates that:
  • 3 of the complainants were White males
  • 2 of the complainants were Black males
  • 4 of the complainants were White females

Comparison by Shift/Work Unit:

A review of the complaints by Shift /Work Group indicates that:

  • 1 of the complaints involved First Shift/overlap Officers
  • 2 of the complaints involved Second Shift Officers
  • 2 of the complaints involved Third Shift/overlap Officers
  • 3 of the complaints involved the Criminal Investigations Division
  • 1 of the complaints involved the Professional Standards Division
  • 0 of the complaints involved Supervisors
  • 0 of the complaints involved Civilian Employees
Personal Complaints and Internal Affairs Investigations by Work Unit
Type of Violation / Allegation Number of Allegations
* 3 complaints listed multiple offenses
Unprofessional / Improper Conduct 5
Excessive Use of Force 1
Harassment 1
Improper Investigative Procedure 2
Entering False Information into a Report 1
Improper Identification 1
Violation of Department Policy 1
Insubordination 1

Allegations Raised in the Citizen Complaints / Internal Affairs Investigations:

Number of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations per Month Average:

The number of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations in 2017 (12) remained nearly identical to the previous year. The Oshkosh Police Department has averaged 16.8 Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations per month since 2001. The number of Citizen Complaints/Internal Investigations remains well below the seventeen (17) year average.