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Professional Standards Division - Chaplains

Oshkosh Police Department volunteer chaplains are professionals who are ordained or licensed clergy, commissioned by the Chief of Police, to assist officers by providing spiritual comfort to civilians in a variety of circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Victimization by crime and/or abuse
  • Injury or death of a family member or other loved one
  • Other personal crisis
  • Chaplains are also available to officers and other department staff for personal supportive ministry

They receive training in basic police policies and procedures with specific training to assist with death notification and crisis intervention. Chaplains volunteer for specific days and are on-call 24 hours. You may contact a police chaplain by calling the Department's non-emergency number: (920) 236-5700 and request the chaplain on duty.

Police chaplains do not proselytize and are actively recruited from a variety of faith traditions. Some department chaplains are members of the International Conference of Police Chaplains and most attend regional training available through ICPC.

Anyone who desires to know more about volunteering for the Oshkosh Police Department's Chaplain Program may call Lieutenant Michael Hotter at (920) 236-5758 or email.

To learn more about the International Conference of Police Chaplains, simply click the ICPC logo.