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Criminal Investigation Division - Juvenile Programs

Photo of Sergeant Chris GorteSergeant Chris Gorte

(920) 236-5725 | Email

Juvenile Programs are supervised by the Criminal Investigation Division Sergeant and include the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program and the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program.

School Resource Officers:

The SRO program is made possible through a longstanding partnership between the Oshkosh Police Department and the Oshkosh Area School District. Five SROs are each assigned to one or more of the city's public schools with the primary goal of preventing juvenile delinquency through education and positive communication with students. SROs also respond to problems in their assigned schools and assist when unusual events occur at the elementary schools. All of this helps to create a safer learning environment for our children.

There is one SRO assigned to each of the two public high schools. Three other SROs share work among the five middle schools. SROs assist with appropriate classroom lessons on topics such as bullying, Internet safety, and laws involving dating and relationships. SROs also offer lessons on drug and alcohol use consistent with the DARE Program that's taught to fifth graders. During the summer months, SROs assist Detectives or return to patrol assignments.

Meet Your SRO Officers:

Photo of School Resource Officer Deana Brandl
Deana Brandl
Perry Tipler/South Park
Photo of School Resource Officer Angel Nunez
Angel Nunez
Oshkosh West High School
Photo of Tracey Grubofski
Tracey Grubofski
Carl Traeger and Vel Phillips Middle Schools
Photo of School Resource Officer Tony Flaig
Tony Flaig
Vel Phillips Middle School
Photo of School Resource Officer Ryan Boerner
Matthew Steinert
Oshkosh North High School

Drug Abuse Resistance Education:

D.A.R.E. LogoDARE is overseen by an advisory board comprised of police personnel, school staff, and concerned members of the community. The Oshkosh Police Department has six DARE Officers who all share SRO or Patrol Officer duties.

Questions about the SRO or DARE Program can be directed to the CID Sergeant at the telephone number or email address listed above.

Meet Your DARE Officers:

Photo of Officer Matthew Pierce
Officer Matthew Pierce
Read, Traeger, Cabrini and Seton
Elementary Schools
Photo of School Resource Officer Tony Flaig
Officer Tony Flaig
Shapiro, Washington and Smith Elementary School
Photo of Tracey Grubofski
Officer Tracey Grubofski
Webster Stanley Middle Schools
Photo of School Resource Officer Deana Brandl
Officer Deana Brandl
Franklin, Roosevelt and ALPS at Tipler
Elementary Schools
Photo of School Resource Officer Angel Nunez
Officer Angel Nunez
Lourdes Academy Middle School

Officer Chee Vang
Emmeline Cook and Jefferson Elementary Schools