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Traffic Safety

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

  • Check yourself and other passengers for injuries.
    • If injured, stay in your vehicle and call police or dial 911!
  • If safe to do so, attempt to make contact with the other vehicle(s) involved.
  • If vehicles are drivable, try to move out of the lane of traffic or off the roadway.
  • Contact police if a report is needed.

When to report an accident:

  • Any accident must be reported when it results in:
    • Injury or death of a person.
    • $1,000 or more total damage to property owned by any one person.
    • Damages of $200 or more to government property (except motor vehicles).

Call the police immediately; they will report it for you.

How do I get a copy of my accident report?

All accident reports will have personal driver information redacted due to recent case law prohibiting the disclosure of that information without written consent. Due to DPPA Laws, only involved parties or someone representing them (ie…law firm, insurance company) will be issued a copy of the report. Personal information of other individuals named in the report will be redacted (blacked out).

Reports can be requested through the records division at (920) 236-5712 by email, online or by completing an
Accident Request Form. Forms should be filled out completely and mailed to:

Oshkosh Police Department
Records Division
420 Jackson Street
PO Box 1130
Oshkosh, WI 54902-1130

Accident Reports must be picked up at the OPD Customer Service Desk. The person picking up the report must show a photo ID or it is subject to redaction. If the Accident Report must be mailed / emailed, we must first receive a notarized copy of a photo ID. This does not apply to insurance companies and law firms.