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Professional Standards Division - Volunteers


The Oshkosh Police Department Volunteer Program provides structured activities for citizens to assist the Department in its performance of its service to the community. Volunteers have the opportunity to give back to their county, state and local community through the hours they volunteer.

Volunteers gain valuable insight into the local law enforcement system and how it works. Volunteers have the opportunity to improve the quality of local law enforcement service through their work, attitude and ideas for improving programs. Volunteers are able to employ their own skills and experience under the direct supervision of Department officers and civilian staff. Volunteers assist employees in serving the public through personal interaction, clerical assistance and hands-on activities.

Volunteers assist officers and civilian staff in a wide variety of activities that include:

  • Clerical duties such as records maintenance, data entry, materials organization, materials development

  • Special events and programs - assist with development and on-site activities of special projects

  • Assist with training activities by role-playing

  • Participate in Explorer Post or Auxiliary activities or citizen patrols

  • Assist with programs like Speed Watch

A volunteer is a citizen of the community who provides his or her time and talents to the Oshkosh Police Department, for which the volunteer receives no compensation. Youth, ages 15 – 20, are eligible to assist with special events or participate in the Explorer program. Citizens, ages 18 and older, are eligible to become a Department volunteer. All volunteers must complete an application, complete a background check and participate in orientation. All volunteers are subject to Department Policy 134.

V.I.P.S Volunteers in Police ServiceThose interested in more information about becoming a volunteer for the Oshkosh Police Department can call Lieutenant Michael Hotter at (920) 236-5758 or email.

Volunteer Application

To learn more about Volunteers in Police Service, simply click the VIPS logo.